Welcome to Thompson Beach!

Thompson Beach, sometimes incorrectly referred to as Thompson’s Beach, is situated on the Samphire Coast in South Australia’s Gulf of St. Vincent.

It’s hard to believe this idyllic location is only 70 kilometres from Adelaide’s CBD by road as it feels like a world away.

The town takes its name from members of the Thompson family who farmed in the general area from the late 1800’s. Descendants of this family still live in the region today.

The Thompson Beach of today had its beginnings in the 1980’s when a subdivision was created by Cape Investments Pty. Ltd. The Township was formalised in 1992 and boundaries were mapped out in 1997.

The area is known for its crabbing, fishing, bird-watching, nature trails and peace and quiet. It’s a great place to kick back, relax and quietly enjoy the natural surroundings.

Thompson Beach view

Thompson Beach is home to the northern gateway of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park (Winaityinaityi Pangkara).

An expansion of the Park has seen more of the Thompson Beach area incorporated into this important conservation area; ensuring it remains protected for generations to come.

It’s amazing how many people in Adelaide are yet to discover (or even hear of) this stunning coastal area that’s practically right on their doorstep – mention Thompson Beach and you’ll often get a “where?” response!

There’s a sense of pride in the town and what real estate is available is starting to be snapped up more quickly; particularly on The Esplanade, which runs along the beach. The  views from some of the homes is simply stunning.

At high tide, the clear waters can lap quite close to Thompson Beach’s coastal dunes and at low tide a magnificent vista of tidal flats are exposed. It can be a long way to walk out to the water at low tide, but what a wonderful and peaceful stroll it is; with plenty to see and changing with each tide.

At the end of the day, you may be treated to one of the many spectacular sunsets we enjoy, particularly over the warmer months – nature really puts on an amazing light show.

sunset at thompson beach

Perhaps we’ll see you at Thompson Beach soon – or maybe we won’t as there’s lots of room to find a bit of personal space if that’s what you want, even during the “tourist season” .

Here’s how to get there – and you can also take a virtual tour of the town! When visiting, please bear in mind Thompson Beach is an environmentally important and sensitive area – pick up some tips for minimising the impact of your visit.

Don’t forget to check out other tourism destinations on the Samphire Coast. By the way, the name “Samphire” refers to a native succulent very common in the region that is also known as sea asparagus. While edible, the plant is protected in Thompson Beach and cannot be harvested.