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I first came across Thompson Beach after visiting by chance in 2015; taking a turnoff in Dublin just to see what was there. In fact, that trip was the first time I’d ever heard of the settlement.

I was tossing up the idea about buying beachfront land at the time; but thought it may be unachievable – particularly a coastal location within striking distance of Adelaide.

That first trip to Thompson Beach left me with some very favourable impressions. The place was quiet, the views fantastic and the water was clear. I saw a huge variety of birds and seeing fish jump close into shore certainly sparked interest from the fisherman within. A block up for sale on The Esplanade captured my attention, but it just wasn’t the right time for me to buy.

Over the following year, I visited other locations on the Samphire Coast, but kept returning to Thompson Beach – the place continued to draw me back.

Given the quality of the new homes being built and the people I met; it appeared it wasn’t evolving into a place for partying or hooning – more for quiet enjoyment. Locals seemed to look out for each other and kept an eye on things generally in the area.

I eventually purchased property in the township and after talking to more of the town’s residents, I knew I had made the right decision. Everyone I met was friendly and many seemed to genuinely care about the town. There didn’t appear to be much appreciation for destructive and inconsiderate activities that plague some coastal areas.

Like any town bit it large or small, it has its issues; but I very much look forward to spending more time at Thompson Beach – and eventually retiring there.

* The Thompson Beach Progress Association is a group organised by residents of the settlement. Membership is available to any resident and/or ratepayer within the Township.