Local Businesses

There isn’t anything in the way of local retail businesses that cater to visitors in Thompson Beach itself, but the township of Dublin is just an easy 10 minutes drive away on a sealed road.

Dublin is the town you pass on your way into Thompson Beach when turning off Port Wakefield Road – you can’t miss it.

Dublin is a friendly place where you’ll be able to pick up most of what you’ll need, refuel or grab a good meal.

In Dublin, you’ll find:

Gerry’s Dublin Meat
Fresher and cheaper than the city!
Port Wakefield Rd
Tel: 08 8529 2229

BP Australia Ltd
Fuel, gas bottles, ice, bait, eat in and takeaway food, basic groceries, coffee – 7 days a week
Lot 7 Port Wakefield Rd
Tel: 08 8529 2400

Dublin General Store
Supermarket, Australia Post, BankSA branch, take-away food and fishing bait – there’s even a very handy hardware section.
Port Wakefield Rd
Tel: 08 8529 2120

Dublin Fruit & Veg
Fresh local produce
Port Wakefield Rd, Dublin SA 5501
(08) 8529 2245

New Dublin Hotel
Ice cold beer, lunch and dinner specials daily.
Port Wakefield Rd
Tel: 08 8529 2116

Missed a business? Let me know. Please also contact me with any corrections.