Facilities And Mobile Coverage

As mentioned on the business directory page, there’s no retail businesses as such in Thompson Beach itself. However, you’ll be able to pick up most of what you need in Dublin, which is a short distance away and on your way into town.

As for other facilities:

The Shed

The Shed, situated on Ruskin Road, is the community hub of Thompson Beach, and is operated by the Thompson Beach Progress Association. While membership is restricted to township ratepayers and residents, some functions are held at The Shed where all are invited to participate. Check the information board out front for details. I’ve read The Shed may open at some stage in the future on weekends and public holidays to provide information to visitors.

The Shed

Public toilets

Public toilets are situated on The Esplanade – one block is very close to the intersection with Ruskin Road (the sealed road leading into Thompson Beach) and another at the southern end of the settlement.

Beach access

There’s around 18 designated paths from The Esplanade onto to the beach spaced out along Thompson Beach, so there’s no need to go cross-country and risk damaging the dune environment. Please stick to the designated paths – some of the plant life takes a long time to grow and is easy to damage.

Car parks

Car parking is available near the intersection of Ruskin Road and The Esplanade and at either end of The Esplanade. The car park at Ruskin/Esplanade can get a bit crowded during summer, so if you park on the side of the road, please take care not to restrict access on The Esplanade to a single lane or park across anyone’s driveway.

Drinking water

There are no public drinking water facilities in Thompson Beach; so you must bring your own. IMPORTANT:  don’t attempt trespassing on private properties to access tank water – you may be prosecuted.


At the present time, there are no campgrounds in Thompson Beach and camping is not permitted anywhere within the township, beach or in the sanctuary area. The closest coastal camping grounds are at Port Parham.

Mobile coverage / connectivity

Mobile coverage isn’t fantastic at Thompson Beach, but it’s certainly there on the Telstra network. Optus and Vodafone indicate they also provide coverage.


The road leading into Thompson Beach (Ruskin Road) is sealed, but The Esplanade and some other roads are unsealed, so drive carefully and please observe the speed limit of 40 km/h throughout the entire settlement; including the full length of The Esplanade.


There is a boat ramp of sorts at Thompson Beach at the southern end of the town, and small dinghies can be easily carried down to the water during decent high tides from car park locations (just bear in mind that it can be a long walk back to the shore at low tide). The other closest boat ramps are at Middle Beach to the south and Webb Beach and Port Parham to the north.


There are bins located at the Ruskin Road car park, southern and northern information stands; but if possible, take your rubbish back home with you to conserve space in the bins.

Information boards

Information boards regarding the Bird Sanctuary and Nature Trails are situated at opposite ends of The Esplanade. Also take note of the signs posted in various locations.

While there may not be much in the way of facilities at Thompson Beach, what it does have a lot of are beautiful surroundings, peace and space to move – and that beats all the trappings of many tourist towns any day (in my opinion).

However, with the advent of the Bird Sanctuary National Park and more people becoming aware of the town, facilities will need to be added and extra works carried out to cater to these visitors – and these are issues the Progress Association is attempting to address with Council.

There are a number of simple things you can do to help minimise your impact while visiting the area.