Information On Thompson Beach

The following are links to tourist information on this web site to help make your visit to the Thompson Beach area a more enjoyable one.

Bird Sanctuary And National Park

The area around Thompson Beach is an incredibly important bird sanctuary; parts of which has now been incorporated in a national park. The area is either home or a stopover point for dozens of shorebird species, some of which are threatened.

Other Local Wildlife

There is so much more to Thompson Beach than just shorebirds – on this page you’ll find information and photos of other wildlife in the area.

Caring For Thompson Beach

Locals and various community groups have put in a massive effort to help conserve Thompson Beach’s unique environment and ecosystems so future generations of tourists and locals can enjoy it too.

Facilities And Mobile Coverage

Information on various facilities available at Thompson Beach and mobile/internet coverage. Thankfully, the town hasn’t evolved into a tourist trap – and the locals seem to like it that way; with nature providing the real attractions.

Fishing, Crabbing And Tides

Like many locations on the Samphire Coast, Thompson Beach is a haven for crabbers and has some pretty good fishing too! Even if you don’t catch a thing, the wonderful scenery will more than make up for it and make your trip one to remember.

Homes And Land For Sale

Information on buying houses and land in Thompson Beach, plus current real estate listings for the area. If you like peace and quiet and beautiful surroundings, snap up your piece of coastal living paradise while prices are still so reasonable.

Local Businesses

While you’re in the area, please support the local businesses. You’ll find most of what you’ll need for your trip to Thompson Beach including food and fuel on your way through, in the friendly town of Dublin.

Map And Directions

How to get to Thompson Beach from Adelaide, plus  a handy street directory – but you’ll find it’s pretty hard to get lost here. You can also take a virtual trip through the settlement on this page!

Climate Change

Being a low-lying area, sea level rise as a result of climate change may pose some challenges for the Thompson Beach area in the foreseeable future; but this will usually be associated with significant storm surges combined with king tides.