Map And Directions

If you’re coming from Adelaide, it’s a very easy drive to Thompson Beach with plenty of great scenery along the way.

Here’s how to get there:

  • From the last set of traffic lights as you head out of Adelaide at the intersection of Port Wakefield road and Waterloo Corner road, travel around 38km in a northerly direction along Port Wakefield Road.
  • Take the Dublin turnoff on your left; which is just before the township of Dublin itself.
  • Travel along South Terrace, which becomes Ruskin Road
  • Stay on Ruskin until you’re in Thompson Beach (less than 10 minutes drive).
  • NOTE: The speed limit in the town is 40 km/hr – this includes the entire length of the Esplanade.
  • Once you’ve arrived, please do your bit to help protect Thompson Beach for the sake of the wildlife and future visitors.


The road from Dublin to Thompson Beach is sealed all the way and in good condition, but in the township itself, some of the roads are unsealed, including the Esplanade, which runs along the beachfront. Please take note of the maximum speed limit in the town, which is 40 kmh.

If driving at night, take special care as there is no street lighting on the road into Thompson Beach and kangaroos can be a potential hazard.

Thompson Beach Street Map

Thompson Beach Street View

Take a trip through Thompson Beach courtesy of Google!

This street view begins on Ruskin Road, the road leading into Thompson Beach, just before the boundary of the town.

When you get to the end of Ruskin Road, which is right before the water, turn left for Thompson Beach South or right to travel along The Esplanade and view the north of the settlement.

Note: The Street View images are a bit outdated – there’s been quite a bit in the way of construction of new homes  in the the town since.

Streets of Thompson Beach, 5501

Chat Court
Curlew Crescent
Gannet Court
Heron Crescent
Kestrel Crescent
Petrel Crescent
Plover Avenue
Ruskin Road
Sandpiper Drive
Shearwater Way
Skua Court
Stint Avenue
Teal Crescent
Tern Crescent
The Esplanade

With so few streets, and only sealed road in and out, it’s pretty hard to get lost in Thompson Beach!