Homes and Land For Sale

It wasn’t that long ago you could easily pick up a 1,000m2 block at Thompson Beach on the waterfront for well under $100,000 – there were plenty of properties to choose from.

Some blocks are still available for under 100k, but as more people discover the beauty of the area; prime real estate on Thompson Beach’s Esplanade will be harder to come by.

Land is very reasonably priced in my opinion considering what you get for your money and the future potential of the area as an ecotourism destination.

Go just one street back from the Esplanade and there are still very cheap large blocks to be had in the 50 – 70k range; some properties with great views depending on location and how you build. These are still just a minute or two walk from the water – and I mean a *real* couple of minutes, not a real estate agent’s definition.

For houses and land, you’ll also pay far less in Thompson Beach than what you’ll pay for property in the city of course. A nice home with really good water views can be had for around $270,000 to $360,000 range on the Esplanade (for now) and houses tend to be cheaper one street back. They can also be cheaper on The Esplanade for older homes, those with more filtered ocean views or non-elevated homes with no water views.

There are just a few hundred blocks in Thompson Beach and given the nature of the area and the Bird Sanctuary/National Park, no other blocks of land will be released.

The best time to grab real estate is now as Thompson Beach may become quite an exclusive address in the future judging by the quality of the new houses being built!

Before purchasing real estate in Thompson Beach, bear in mind some of the issues relating to climate change that you’ll need to consider when building. Also be aware there’s no mains water or sewage services, so you’ll need to rely on tank water and a septic system. A garbage collection service does operate in the town.

If you do buy real estate in the area, please ensure you do your bit to help protect Thompson Beach.

Real Estate at Thompson Beach.